Providing solution to customer needs
With advanced development attitude
World’s First 3D Desktop AOI System

More than 20 years in AOI business as specialist
Providing the product with wide variety.
Continue challenging the innovation to the value of product.
Developing energy-saving type AOI,
and new product development focusing on Industry 4.0.

Features of Marantz Electronics AOI

1. Advanced Head
Taking the ideal image for detailed and clear inspection with multi-layered lighting and Diffuse-On Axis lighting.
Best focus for capturing clear image of various components by lifting up and down the camera with high performance camera and lens.
Inspection with high accuracy is possible by 3D inspection with angular cameras.
New lighting for S series
2. Flexibly Updating Software
Various kind of defect can be inspected by a combination of pattern matching and histogram inspection algolithm.
Also our AOI can detect the defect such as bridge and no solder. Also it can support the various inspection such as a inspection of flexible PCB and the components inside the pallet.
Check from 9 different view
3. Ability to Respond the Needs
We organize the system as follows to meet the customer needs.
(1) Contribution to the improvement of production management and quality by early detection of defect cause, remote monitoring system, and the analysis of the inspection result.
(2) Special inspection needs: Support flexibly and speedily with the inspection of special shaped construction (including conveyor part) and special inspection item, which major AOI maker and oversea maker can hardly support.
(3) Support: Organize the system that support can be received from each region including domestic and overseas. Also support the customer with providing latest software download by free of charge. Software supports Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, German, and Spanish language.
Catch System 実装工程品質改善ソフトウェア

Product Lineup

S Series
S Series
Possible to detect shifted chip components by desktop AOI.
D Series
D Series
Inspect A side and B side in parallel.
Suitable for PCB with SMT components and DIP components.
G Series
G Series
G series which mounted 4M pixel camera as standard.
Flagship model with improved tact time.
UV Series
Conformal Coating AOI
Component inspection and conformal coating inspection with one AOI.
Support Software
Support Software
Support the central management of multiple AOI’s, calculation and analysis of inspection results.
Also enables the traceability.
I Series
I Series
Multi-functional Desktop AOI
Secure traceability of inspection results at the same time as appearance inspection.


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