PCB Depanelling Robot (dPM3400L)
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High quality depannelling without cutting stress

dPM3400L can divide a PCB without cutting stress using a diamond disc that rotates at a high speed.
Not to speak of its dividing ability, dPM3400 not only performs precise and safe teaching to put a hypothetical cutter on an actual PCB that is projected on the PC screen but also realizes stable and accurate cutting by PCB marker recognition.


1   Low Stress Depanelling
Machine cuts a PCB by rotating our original disc on which a diamond is electrodeposit mounted at a high speed, the stress is extremely lower than those of cutting by other methods.
This cutting method is the most suitable for securing quality of the following PCBs; PCB with chip parts mounted to the edges, PCB that is very thin and apt to be curved.
(The cutting stress is 100 με or less: according to the measurement by us)
2   High Quality Depanelling
Cutting in this method is in the vertical direction, dust is collected in one direction according to the rotation. Therefore dust scattered in the horizontal direction can be minimized.
An amount of dust scattered decreases by a powerful dust collection in the vertical direction.
Especially, if there are joint sections such as connectors near the cutting area, this cutting method is suitable to keep the electrode clean.
3   High Safety
The front door closes to secure the operator's safety while the table is working or the cutter is rotating. Moreover, the lower part of the door is equipped with a beam sensor that prevents something from being caught by the door.
The door automatically shuts by an instruction to start cutting and opens when the cutting is completed.
The door does not need air source because it is electrically powered.
This machine also has an overload detecting function that detects any overload on the cutter operation and then interrupts the operation.
You can make a program by putting a virtual cutter on a five times enlarged PCB projected by the camera. Teaching by the eye is not used for dPM3400. Of course, you can easily teach all the conditions such as cutting length, cutting speed, etc. on the PC screen. In addition to the above features, it can correct PCB deviation or inclination by confirming PCB position correcting marks, and can skip parts that do not need cutting by recognizing bad marks. Also it can confirm the situation after cutting.
(Note: Windows PC and Video capture board are required separately)
Automatic positional correction
There are some cases where the position of the cutter edge cannot be reproduced to be same as that before exchange due to the marginal ability. However, it can be corrected to the exactly same position by instructing automatic renewal of the cutter edge position, which realizes long-term stable cutting.
Convenient functions of program
The program has a lot of convenient functions such as continuous copy of a same pattern, rotation of a pattern, blocking function, etc. You can master every function on the day when you start to use this machine because operation of them is similar to ordinary operation of a personal computer.
Stand-alone mode
As the positional data and the cutting procedure can be memorized also in dPM3400L, you can use it even after disconnecting the PC. This is the stand-alone method that is independent from the PC during real cutting. During the stand-alone mode, the seven programs are automatically switched with the jig ID. (Optional)
(Note: During the stand-alone mode, you cannot use the functions that depend on the camera, positional correction and bad mark function.)


Model Name dPM3400L
External Dimension W700(778)mm x D924mm x H448mm
Weight 68 kg
Power Supply AC100-120V AC200-240V50/60Hz
Power Consumption < 800W
Position Repeatability XY <±0.02mm Z<±0.05mm θ<±0.01゜
Disk Specification Diamond coating 40×0.6t
Life of Disk 100,000 point (Time of cutting 1.0t point)
Recommended Cutting Speed DownCut 4-15mm/sec LineCut8-20mm/sec
Cutting Direction 0-180゜(1゜step)
Depanelling Area Min 50x50 Max 250 x 330 (Max PCB 270 x 350)
PCB Type to be Cut FR-4 perforated tabs 0.6t - 1.6tt
PCB Weight to be Cut < 1kg
Limitation on Parts Height A part of cutting point 5 mm or less
PCB Preservation Exclusive fixture system
No. of Programs to be Stored PC connected: Unlimited
Stand-alone: 7 Program 256 point
Applicable PC Windows PC and Video capture board



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