What's Marantz Electronics

History for 20 years as AOI maker

Marantz Electronics Ltd., was born from Factory Automation Division
in Marantz, who is famous for high-quality audio brand.

In present, Marantz Electronics group deals with
the development, manufacturing, and sales of industrial equipment (AOI)
at Marantz Electronics Ltd.(MEK).
In addition, we deal with EMS business of PCB assembly (from consumer to industrial product)
in the factory of 4 group companies.
The high sales ratio to 47 countries overseas including Asia, Europe, and North America.
We feel proud that our brand is well known among the industry.

With the history of 20 years as AOI maker,
we engage for product development with aggressive attitude anticipating the future needs.

Selected by customers of both domestic and overseas with reliable quality

Top share for AOI desktop model in Japan.
Many customers in Asian countries have installed our AOI.
Highly trusted by customer with high repeat order rate for good operability, original function, and compatibility with past models.

イメージFirst-made AOI

Cost reduction by central purchasing among group companies

We have the Group EMS material purchasing section, and purchase the materials centrally.
Central management of material purchase of all 4 domestic factories which enables the cost reduction. Also we installed the computer system for production, purchasing, and material management. We will provide total support of purchase, management, and production.

Cross-sectional quality control system in group companies

Apart from quality control in each factory, we keep product quality and improvement by cross-sectional quality control system including share information among factories, unification of quality standard, and internal quality audit.


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