Synergy of AOI production and
electronic manufacturing service

The inspection of audio and radio products was necessary at production process in Marantz Japan (the predecessor of Marantz Electronics). It was natural to manufacture AOI by ourselves. It was accepted by the customer widely, and AOI production became one of the pillar of our business.

AOI installation to MEK group companies contributed the further quality improvement and technical improvement at the field of production and assembling of electronic equipments.
Promptly we can know the operability and needs by manufacturing and using AOI by our own factory.

The flow of improving AOI, using in our own factory, and feedback brings the good circulation of quality improvement of AOI and quality improvement of electronic equipment at the same time.

基板外観検査装置づくりと電子機器受託生産が生むシナジー イメージ


Cost reduction by central purchase among group companies

We design, manufacture, and sell the automatic optical inspection machine for the production of such as PCB and LCD. Possible to detect the major defect and quality defect speedily.
Inspection method is contactless and non-destructive with scanning the device with camera which is suitable for bare board inspection, Solder Paste inspection (SPI), and Pre-Reflow and Post-Reflow inspection.
We take many special orders by customer needs. Please feel free to contact.

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Solution to the variety of requests including circuit implementation for PCB, components procurement, and product assembly.

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